Guidelines for online abstract submission

Instructions for authors

Please read carefully the following guidelines before submitting an abstract.

Caution: this deadline will not be extended.

Abstract validity

Abstracts must be submitted following the provided recommendations.

All abstracts have to be submitted through the conference website at (“Call for abstract” page).

No submissions by mail, fax or e-mail will be accepted.

Please note that the Scientific Committee reserves the right to move abstracts into other topics if the deem them to be more appropriate.

We remind you that the author agrees that each abstract, once accepted, must be presented (whether in oral or poster) and it will no longer be possible, once this proposal is accepted, withdraw or request its deletion.


We remind you that the acceptance of a communication to Congress not exempt from registration requirements.


Without the advice of the authors, abstracts of selected papers will be published on the SOFMER website edited by Santor. The authors remain full ownership of their intellectual content(s) presentation(s).


Your abstracts must contain the following parts in the same order as below:

  • Study (IMRAD): Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion
  • Clinical case(s): Introduction, Observations, Discussion
  • Workshop : please refer to this template

They should not exceed 350 words (including the bibliography). Photos, drawings and tables are not accepted.


Your abstracts must be submitted in English AND in French.

Online abstract submission procedure

To access the abstract submission interface, you must connect to the conference website at the following address: ("Call for abstracts" page).

First abstract submission

To submit your first abstract, you first need to register. This registration step is required to obtain your access codes and connect to the abstract submission form.

Once registered, you can reconnect to the abstract submission form (using your access codes), as many times as you want, to enter a (new) abstract or modify / complete an abstract already submitted, until the abstract submission deadline.

The capture and recording of data can be partially and repeatedly. For example you can start typing your abstract in English, save the information entered and return later on your page to enter your abstract in French.

At any time you can save your data by clicking the "Save" button (bottom of page).

At minimum, you must enter the title of your abstract (in French or English) to able to save and show this information on your list of submitted abstracts. From this list, click on the abstract title, you can access the corresponding abstract, modify and / or complete it if necessary.

NOTE: If all mandatory sections (*) are not completed before the deadline, your abstract submission will NOT be accepted.
Your abstract can be changed or updated at any time until deadline.

You must fill in your abstract title in English and in French.
Be sure to enter the first letter of the title in CAPITAL LETTERS and the rest lowercase.

You must select a theme from the drop-down menus available:

  1. « Pathologies, ICD10 »
  2. « Therapeutic means in PRM »
  3. « Body functions and activities, environmental factors, quality of life, ICF»
  4. « Health accounts, ICHA »

Submitters can choose from the following submission types: « oral presentation » or « poster ».
Speakers are invited to select « workshop » or « invited communication ».

Enter the Title, Name, Organization, Postal Address, Postcode, City, Country, Telephone Number and E-mail of the first author of the abstract, then the Title, Name, Organization, City, Country and E-mail from other authors, in the order in which they must appear in the book of abstracts.
If your abstract is likely to compete for the price of the poster or at the price of oral communication, thank you to indicate the status of each author: "Internal" or "Head of Clinic Assistant" (if applicable).
You must indicate who will be the presenting author communication by checking the appropriate box.
If you need more boxes for another authors, click “add” button.
You can change the order of authors by clicking on the arrows above and below the figure indicate the order of authors.

Enter or copy/paste your abstract in plain text in the appropriate fields.
You can then format your text (underline, bold or italic) and insert special characters (symbols, Greek letters, superscript, subscript) by clicking on the corresponding function button.
Do not repeat the title nor the authors list into the text of your abstract.
Abstracts should not exceed 350 words (including references). The system will tell you if the summary seizure exceeds this limit.
Pictures, tables and figures are not accepted.
You must enter your resume in French and in English.

Enter the keywords related to your abstract in French and in English.
Enter each keyword separated by a comma.


To validate the information entered or modified, you must click the "Save" button.
If a problem prevents the entry of the abstract record (word count limit exceeded, for example), an error message will appear for you to correct your entry, otherwise a message will confirm the data registration.
You can always save and return to the previous step.

DO NOT FORGET to click the "SAVE" (bottom of page) to save your data BEFORE leaving the abstract submission form page or browse other sections of the website.
NEVER use the "Back" button of your browser (you may lose everything). ALWAYS USE the navigation buttons at the bottom of the abstract submission form page.

Once your abstract submitted, you can:

  • Send an email to your address
  • Send an email summary to all authors

Submission of additional abstract

At the end of your first abstract submission, the system will suggest you submit another resume.

You can also submit later by returning to the abstract submission form using your access codes.


For technical questions regarding abstracts, please contact the secretariat logistics by email: or by phone at +33 (0) 4 96 15 12 50.