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Jeudi 08 Octobre 2015
09:00 - 10:30    Salle Joffre A - Niv. 1

Session des éditeurs: ce qu’ils attendent d’un manuscrit soumis

Modérateurs: Walter FRONTERA, Dominic PERENNOU, Pierre Alain JOSEPH, Isabelle LAFFONT

This "Editors' Session will focus on discussions between young PRM doctors and Chief Editors of International Journals.

Two or three selected young doctors will be invited to present each a good manuscript designed to be submitted in those journals, to a limited audience comprising the editors in chief of PRM Journals: Profs Frontera (American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), Pérennou (Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine), and Negrini (European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine). Members of the SOFMER Scientific Board will also participate to the discussion. Editors will comment on the papers and explain whether they are eligible or not for publication, or in what and why it requires a revision.