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Thursday October 08th, 2015
13:30 - 14:30    Antigone 1 Room - Niv. 2


„Identifying and Addressing Key Transitions along the Gait Rehabilitation Continuum“
Speakers: Neil Van der Linde
Hosted by: Hocoma AG

Description: This workshop will address how rehabilitation specialists can recognize and address the key transitions along the gait rehabilitation continuum in order to continuously keep the patient challenged during training. A framework for clinical decision making and an overview of treatment options for each phase of gait rehabilitation will be presented and discussed. Currently available treatment options will be reviewed and new technology-assisted solutions previewed. Workshop attendees are encouraged to participate actively, share their expertise and provide feedback.

Target audience: Gait rehabilitation specialists

1. Being able to recognize the key transition points along the gait rehabilitation continuum
2. Getting to know new technology assisted solutions in gait rehabilitation
2. Being able to select the appropriate treatment strategy for each patient and phase