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Thursday October 08th, 2015
14:30 - 16:30    Einstein Auditorium - Niv. 0

SNLF-SOFMER Joint Session : Neuropsychology and Gesture (2) : Developmental Coordination Disorder

Chairs: Pascale PRADAT-DIEHL, Mickael DINOMAIS, Mathilde CHEVIGNARD, Frédérique ETCHARRY-BOUYX

This year, SOFMER with the French-Speaking Neuropsychology Society (SNLF) organize a joint day with 3 oral communication sessions targeting gesture disorders. The objective is to give a synthesis of current knowledge about mechanisms that underlie motor learning, useful to understand gesture disorders occurring in childhood, adult or elderly and their therapy.

This second session will address developmental disorders. Dr Oriane COSTINI will talk about the various disorders clustered in label such as "dyspraxia" or " Developmental Coordination Disorder" disentangling disorders that are gesture-specific from those that are revealed by the way of gesture.

Dr. Jean XAVIER will give us the point of view of psychiatrist, necessary to build a multidisciplinary approach. He will describe a balanced approach, combining psychodynamic theories with recent neuroscience and genetic knowledge.

Dr. Florence MARCHAL will present different therapies available for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder and the published recommendations. She will share the Hospitals of Saint-Maurice team experience.

Finally, Dr. Sybille GONZALEZ-MONGE will talk about the child-adult transition and persistence of gesture disorders in adults and their care.

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