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Thursday October 08th, 2015
09:00 - 11:00    Einstein Auditorium - Niv. 0

SNLF-SOFMER Joint Session : Neuropsychology and Gesture (1) : Motor Learning and Assessment


This year, SOFMER with the French-Speaking Neuropsychology Society (SNLF) organize a joint day with 3 oral communication sessions targeting gesture disorders. The objective is to give a synthesis of current knowledge about mechanisms that underlie motor learning, useful to understand gesture disorders occurring in childhood, adult or elderly and their therapy.

This first session of oral communications will therefore focus on mechanisms of motor learning. Professor Bernard THON will present relation between cognition and sensorimotor learning. Cognitive processes are often useful, but not always, to these learning.

Caroline LEJEUNE will speak about the role of procedural memory in the acquisition of routines in childhood and its disturbance in Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Professor Thierry MEULEMANS will talk about implicit learning and show the limits of a conception based on the implicit/explicit dichotomy.

Dr. François OSIURAK will expose the neurocognitive bases of tools. This does not only require knowledge or memory of the gesture, but also specific intellectual and reasoning skills.

To conclude this first session, Dr. Chritophe JARRY will discuss the assessment of gesture and will present a battery to explore the tool use disorders.

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