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Friday October 09th, 2015
09:00 - 10:30    Einstein Auditorium - Niv. 0

Music and the brain: Memory and cognition

Chairs: Emmanuel BIGAND, Pascale PRADAT DIEHL, Jacques TOUCHON

Listening and performing music engage a rich network of brain areas, which underpin a variety of functions ranging from auditory perception, motor control, cognition, and emotion. During the last two decades the neurosciences of music have provided a great deal of evidence linking music to dedicated neuronal networks, at a cortical and sub-cortical level. Because of the power of music to activate these networks, there has been an increased interest in music-based interventions as a successul rehabilitation tool for example in patients with brain damage or neurodegenerative diseases. Four sections are dedicated to the relation between music and the brain, with a particular attention to the use of music in clinical populations. This first Session is devoted to the effect of music on memory and cognition in particular in patients suffering from dementia and after stroke.

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