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Friday October 09th, 2015
09:00 - 10:30    Pasteur Auditorium - Niv. 0/1

Sports Medicine and Traumatology: Instability

Chairs: Jean-Christophe DAVIET, Jehan LECOCQ, Alexandre CREUZE, Marc JULIA

Joint instability is the consequence of passive (mechanical origin) and/or active (functional origin) articular stabilization mechanisms. Passive stability is evaluated by clinical testing of laxity and by imagery. The detection of patients affected by functional instability, with objective parameters, is crucial for rehabilitation specialists and physical trainers.

This session will focus on knee and ankle instability and more precisely on functional instability. According to recent evaluation tools, new concepts on functional stability will be discussed for both joints. Lastly, rehabilitation application of these new concepts will be briefly presented.


Knee instability

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