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Thursday October 08th, 2015
17:00 - 18:30    Joffre A Room - Niv. 1


Chairs: Alain YELNIK, André THEVENON

The ISPRM session will give opportunity to inform and to share about the activities of the International PRM Society.

1 Prof. Jianan Li, ISPRM President (China)
General Policy of the ISPRM

2 Prof. Francesca Gimigliano, ISPRM General secretary (Italy)
Educational missions of the ISPRM

3 Prof. Jorge Lains, ISPRM Elect President (Portugal)
Scientific missions of the ISPRM

4 Prof. Marta Imamura, ISPRM Past President, WHO attaché (Brazil)
WHO’s policy related to disabled people, the role of PRM.

5 Dr. Thibaud Lansaman (France)
Residents and young PRM specialists involvement in the national PRM actions

5) Profs. Alain Yelnik and André Thevenon (France)
Towards the 2018 ISPRM Congress in Paris