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paying session

Saturday October 10th, 2015
08:00 - 09:00    Joffre B Room - Niv. 1

What tools to prevent head drop of children in a wheelchair?

Chairs: Mélanie PORTE, Anthony GELIS, Emilie VIOLLET, Guillaume TOUTAIN, Fabrice NOUVEL

The head instability, forward or laterally, of patient in wheelchair can have different origins. It can be consecutive to a major hypotonia, patient with a muscle weakness can be unable to maintain his head during an active movement or in certain articular motion sectors. Bone anomalies of the skull or neck muscles retractions can also induce head fall. Furthermore, head instability can depend of activity.
The control of drop head is so a complex element in positioning reflexion. Nonetheless some solutions can be retained to limit head drop.