Communication Orale

Non-pharmacological treatments in dementia: Music-based intervention

Pr Severine SAMSONa

a Institut Universitaire de France Université de Lille- Laboratoire PSITEC, et Hôpital de La Pitié-Salpêtrière

The presentation will summarize results of randomized controlled trials to compare the effectiveness of musical activities to other pleasant activities and to a control condition on patients with severe Alzheimer's disease. Although the results demonstrate the power of music on the emotional and behavioral status of patients, they also suggest that other pleasant activities (i.e. painting or cooking) might have some efficacy as well, leaving open the question about the specific benefits of music in patients with dementia. All these findings highlight the promising potential for non-pharmacological treatments to improve the well- being of patients living in residential care. The data will finally be discussed in light of the methodological constraints and requirements specific to these clinical studies.