Achievements and outcomes of the 19th Congress of the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Marseille, France

Pr Alain DELARQUEa, Pr Xanthi MICHAILb, Pr Gilles RODEc, Pr Jean Michel VITONd, Pr Laurent BENSOUSSANd

a Département de MPR, CHU La Timone, b Technological educational Institute of Athens, c Département de MPR, CHU de Lyon, d Département de MPR, CHU de Marseille

Other main international PRM organizations involved:

PRM Board & Section of the Union of European Medical Specialists

European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (EARM)

International Society of PRM

Mediterranean Forum of PRM

Baltic and & North Sea Forum of RM.

Other main French scientific and professional organizations involved:

Cofemer, Syfmer, CNP MPR and Ajemer.

Aix Marseille University, the Medical School of Marseille and the University hospital Marseille.

The scientific committee members:

Xanthi Michail, two members of the ESPRM, Franco Franchignoni and Alain Delarque and two members from SOFMER, Dominic Pérennou and Jean-Michel Viton.

The organizing committee: Pr Laurent Bensoussan, President and members of ASEMSR

List of topics based on the WHO classifications: ICD, ICF, ICHI and ICHA

Two coordinators per topic, a French one and a EU one.


All the types of research activities were presented

With the participation of international level researchers, laboratories, research centers or networks (CNRS, INSERM, INT, CEMEREM)

and the main PRM journals: the European Journal of PRM, the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, the American Journal of PRM and the Annals of PRM.


under the banner of the PRM Board of the UEMS and the Cofemer,

two high level teaching programmes: the European School Marseille and the International Teaching Programme COFEMER-SOFMER.

Other events were dedicated to trainees, such as

“how to write a manuscript”, the US course, a round table on Ethics

and a public conference on the inclusion of students with disabilities in the universities

Public Health

thanks to the cooperation between the PRM Section and its two Committees (CAC & PPC) on one hand and SYFMER, CNP FEDMER on the other hand.

The congress has been held in the Palais du Pharo, one of the best locations in Marseille.

The congress did welcome 2341 participants from 70 countries