Development and achievements of the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Pr Stefano NEGRINIa

a University of Brescia

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (EJPRM), founded as Europa Medicophysica in 1965. Since the beginning it was the Official Journal of the European Federation and the Italian Society of PRM. The first Editorial Board included 28 people from 17 EU Countries. Today it is the Official Journal also of ESPRM, MFPRM, UEMS-PRM Section and Hellenic PRM Society. In 2005 PubMed/Medline indexed Europa Medicophysica (Eura Medicophys). This was the first stage of many subsequent achievements and initiatives: the ''free full text'' in Internet; the systematic presentation of the rehabilitation topics developed by the Cochrane Collaboration, the change of the name to EJPRM, the collaboration with two other journals (Am.J.Phys.Med.Rehabil., PRM), the European Network of National Journals, the internal audit system, the achievement of the Impact Factor (with an outstanding first rate of 2.246), the publication "in association with" ISPRM, the application of the "Guidelines for reporting health research", the connection with the UEMS-PRM Section as their Official Journal.

Scientific journal’s performance is measured mainly by bibliometric indexes. ESPRM used them to define and identify the core journals in PRM. In fact, over the past decade, the EJPRM has enjoyed incredible growth and now ranks among the core PRM journals, together with Arch.Phis.Med.Rehabil., Clin.Rehabil., J.Rehabil.Med., Am.J.Phys.Med.Rehabil., Disabil.Rehabil., Int.J.Rehabil.Res. The ratings for the core PRM journals are fairly consistent. Only the EJPRM, presumably due to its rapid growth, shows some fluctuations. Presently, the value of EJPRM is around 2 points Impact Factor.

The goal of the EJPRM is to be a readable and clinically useful journal. To do this, instead of devoting time to increasing the journal’s Impact Factor, the aim is to enhance the clinical usefulness of the published papers. Having reached the 50-year milestone, the EJPRM is moving forward with other new journal features, that include the Debates, Narrative Medicine, and Cochrane Sections (the last together with the ESPRM Evidence-Based Medicine Committee and the Cochrane Institute).