Gait analysis by foot pressure: principle, and recording with ZEBRIS platform and Gaitrite carpet.

Dr Jérome FROGERa

a Unité de Rééducation et Réadaptation Neurologique

Responsibles of the Workshop : Dr Jérôme Froger, Pr Laurent Bensoussan

General presentation:

Video-analysis of gait is often insufficient, and gait lab with 3D analysis allowing a complete recording of kinematic and kinetic parameters is expensive and very time-consuming; and so often dissociated of the common clinical practice. Gait analysis with simple carpet (Gaitrite) or platforms (Zebris) allowing measure of foot pressure can provide a lot of data often sufficient in daily practice.

Prerequisite: A good knowledge of gait physiology and semantics of gait parameters.
Learning Objective: To explain the functioning of Zebris and Gaitrite, to learn how to recore normal gait, to show its value in assessment of gait disorders and their treatment, including nerve blockage and Botulinum Toxin Injection.

Material: Gaitrite, Zebris, video display of clinical cases with Gait rite and Zebris

Method: Interactive workshop.

Audience: PMR doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, Physical Activities Trainers.
Number of Participants: 40

Language: French.

Keywords : Gait analysis