Oral Communication

Enquiry on hygiene and health measure knowledge by the nursing staff and prescribers concerning constipation care in neurological SCR.

Dr Cecile REHNa, Dr Emmanuelle CARREa, Mrs Catherine SOURTYa, Dr Kathleen CHARVIERa, Dr Amandine GUINET-LACOSTEa, Prof Gilles RODEa, Prof Catherine RIOUFOLa

a Hopital Henry Gabrielle Hospices Civils de Lyon

Objectives: Transit troubles are recurring problems in neurological mid-term care and rehabilittion. The laxative prescription is often automatic. The aim of this study is to evaluate the hygiene and health measures knowledge by health professionals concerning constipation care.

Methods: A survey among the nursing staff in the form of an individual interview was realised thanks to a questionnaire composed of 11 open questions. The main themes were the definition of constipation, the hygiene and health measures and their place among other therapeutic means.

Results: Thirty-seven interviews were performed including 12 doctors, 14 nurses and 11 nursing auxiliaries. The majority of health professionals define constipation as being an absence of faeces for 3 days and half of the doctors also mention evacuation disorders. 60% of health professionals advise first hygiene and health measures. 81% of them give advice to their patients. Two thirds of them only advise 1 or 2 types of food stimulating the transit, among which principally fruits (81%) and vegetables (86%).The adaptation of diet profile of the constipated patient is mentioned by 86% of the health professionals. The difference between soluble and insoluble fibers is not understood. Concerning the medical treatments, 42% of prescribers know the drug classification of the laxative they prescribe. All of them prescribe firstly an osmotic laxative (given orally), macrogol (75%) or lactulose (25%), and secondly a stimulant laxative like EDUCTYL (50%) or an enema like NORMACOL (50%).

Discussion: This enquiry shows that the knowledge of the health professionals and the advice given to the patients remain approximate. However, the majority of health professionals advise first hygiene and health measures. The results of this study will be presented to the health professionals, along with an information sheet reminding the main measures to know.

Keywords : constipation, midterm care and rehabilitation, health professional, knowledge, hygiene and health measures