Urodynamic profile of patients with neurobehçet: about 5 cases.

Dr Soumia MEFTAHa, Dr Aziza NAIT KHACHATa, Dr Naima EL AMRANIa, Prof Fatima LMIDMANIa, Prof A ELFATIMIa

a CHU ibn rochd casablanca

Introduction: Behçet's disease is a systemic disease whose most frequent symptoms include the appearance of oral genital ulcers. More rarely, other genital and bladder voiding disorder manifestations of origin can also be observed.

Objective: To describe the urodynamic profile of these patients to take better care of their urinary manifestations.

Methods: This is a prospective study collated in physical medicine and rehabilitation Casablanca, including patients with neurobehçet and have urinary symptoms.

Results: The mean age of patients was 35 years (26 years-47 years) with a male 4H / 1F, duration of onset of symptoms was on average two and a half years. 3 patients reported urinary frequency, urge incontinence and urinary leakage, and 2 patients report dysuria associated with nocturnal leakage. At the flow measurement, 4 patients dysuria with detrusor sphincter dysynergie and significant RPM at cystometry, all patients have détrosuriennes hyperactivity associated with concomitant leaks, presenting a significant risk to the top unit. At the profilometry, 2 patients had sphincter incompetence, while the other 3 patients have normal profilometry.

Discussion and conclusion: While only 0.07% of patients followed for Behcet's disease consult for disorders mictionnels.En fact, 18-77% of patients with these symptoms in case of systematic questioning. Irritative signs are the most frequent, sometimes leading to incontinence. Dysuria may also be observed, corresponding to either a detrusor sphincter dyssynergia is a deficit in contractility vésicale.les patients followed for Behcet's disease require urological evaluation, especially in cases of associated neurological disease. In case of bladder and sphincter disorders marked, urodynamic and ultrasound monitoring to verify the absence of impact on the upper urinary tract.

Reference: 1) Events urogenital disease Behçet. Or CAPPELE, J NICOLAS, P BOTTET, H BENSADOUN. Prog Urol, 2003, 329