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External valuation of medico-social facilities : USSAP experience

Mr Frédéric ROSSBANDa, Mr Pascal BETTIa, Mrs Sylvie BONETTOa, Mr Emmanuel OBERTa, Dr Claudine DELMONa, Dr Michel ENJALBERTa


The law of January 2nd 2002 emphazised the value of a global evaluation for all the medico-social facilities and services. The National Agency for the Evaluation of the Social and Medico-social facilities (ANESM) and the decree of May 15th 2007 define the contents, the methods and the time-table for internal and external evaluations.

Methods. The internal evaluation is realized from references chosen by facilities (no common references like in sanitary and Health High Authority or HAS) to prepare external evaluation, realized by a staff accredited by ANESM. USSAP actually assembles 5 Associations and 23 medico-social establishments for children, adults and old people in the Languedoc-Pyrenees region. The evaluation introduces a deep cultural change for the medico-social facilities.

Results. 22 of the 23 establishments realized internal evaluation, and it is in progress for the last one. 15 establishments realized external valuation, and it is in progress for the 8 others ones. The main improvement actions are supported by management (facilities project, quality, information systems, indicators) and professional practices (recommendations, personalized project, traceability, documentary management, undesirable events, evaluation culture).

Discussion. The introduction of evaluation in the medico-social sector is a disruption in its culture, based on oral. It gets it closer of the sanitary sector for the quality approach and the risk management. In the opposite, the sanitary sector will benefit from the medico-social cultural contribution regarding the quality of life fort the welcoming people. The convergence between the ANESM and HAS methods leas to the implementation of common proceedings.

Bibliography : 1. Law of January 2nd 2002 reforming social and medico-social action. 2. Decree of May 15th 2007 relating to specification on internal and external evaluations.

Keywords : medico-social, quality proceedings, evaluation