Spinal cord injury: ignorance of the symptom pain

Dr Zouhir BOUKARAa, Dr Lylia MAOUCHEb, Dr Selim ARBAOUIb, Dr Khadidja DOUEDa, Dr Sabah BENZAOUIb, Dr Chahinez LOUAZANIb, Dr Hania MECHERIb, Dr Fatma Zohra AMRIb

a Service MPR CHU Blida Faculté de Médecine Université Saad Dahlab Blida, b CHU Blida Algérie


The pain in spinal cord injury (SCI) is common,often unrecognized.The most recent data showing at least 80% of pain patients, where a third,with severe pain.It is the origin of degradation of sleep and the life's quality. Our objective is to recognize its reality in practice and come out with a correc ttherapeutic approach.

Materials and Methods

Retrospective study of 124 cases, followedin the MPR Service UHC Blida 2004-2013


The prevalence of pain in our series is 25%.The painat the paraplegicsis 16%(57%lowpara)according toSiddall'sClassification2000, 10% oftetraplegics(25% amonghightetra).Neuropathic pain isestimated at32.5%.

43.2are hampered intheir transfers,and 81%for cladding.The negative impacton sleepis estimated at66%increasing the depressive statein 47%of patients.Despite theundertakenmedical treatment, in particularby theantiepileptics(11%),and theprégabalines(8%),thepatientsusealternative medicine18%.


The prevalence of pain in our study is consistent with the results of AFIGAP (1).The incidence of pain in paraplegics and their tetraplegics in oursample is not concordant with the results of AFIGAP and SOFMER and in relation to probable underevaluation. the Neuropathic pain is 32.5%, close to the results of AFIGAP. Its impact the quality of life (dressing, transferring and sleep) are increased in our series in relation with socio-cultural constraints in our country.


The pain in MH patients is frequent but often overlooked. Several types of pain coexist.Their support should not be limited to the specific treatment of neuropathic pain at the riskof failure and negative impact on their quality of life.The lack of units or antipain referral centers,cause awandering patients to use alternative medicine.

1: Perrouin-Verbe B,et col. Clinical practice guidelines for chronic neuropathic pain in the spinal cord injury
patient: introduction and methodology. Ann Phys Rehabil Med. 2009

Keywords : Spinal cord injury, pain, management