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Bracing for osteoarthritis


a Hopital Lariboisière

Bracing for osteoarthritis involves the use of splint, tapes, sleeves, and unloading knee braces. It is part of recommended nonpharmacological treatments for thumb base and knee osteoarthritis. Evidence of splint effectiveness in patients with thumb base osteoarthritis is now provided. Splints for thumb base osteoarthritis improve pain and disability. Weaker evidence appears for knee bracing including taping, sleeves and unloading braces. Observance and safety results are to be considered before using unloading knee braces for knee osteoarthritis. Whatever it is, bracing has to be checked by a health professional to insure the suitability of the device. Patients using bracing should also be educated. Patient education includes knowledge of the aims and modalities of the treatment, and encouragement to contact the therapist if need of adjustment, side effect or question about the device.

Keywords : osteoarthritis, braces