Oral Communication

Use values: the value added for citizen inclusion


a Ciss Limousin

Whether we consider illness, disability or aging, we are or we will be all, at some point in our lives, affected by the theme of this conference. Acting to address these problems whatever they are, is not only do for but first and foremost do with and let it done.

To succeed we must:

Porpose to support a person throughout life irrespective of his age.

Proceed to this necessary change by changing practices, the use of innovations, changes in professional cultures, ...

Many of our systems are built on an organization where supply dictates demand. Now, the user is the common point of all economic issues. His participation should not be limited to the listening of the needs alone. It is essential to involve the person from design to experiments in a living situation and provide an economic and medico-social assessment.

This doesn't mean to be inside but take his place in order to adapt the environment to the elderly, sick and / or disabled person. For this purpose, we are one of autonom lab partners.

There is a condition for this success: Make these networks work in complementary skills including different trades care, guidance, and research from the University, the public health and the industry, public authorities, elected officials.

Co build increases the chances of success and distribution of solutions and devices proposed in this process.

The heart of this new industry is: to highlight the person, to prioritize and simplify the care pathway, to highlight the desired route: from the choice of the necessary complementarity between human assistance and technical aids, to not confuse resource and compensation, gateways between trades of CARE and take CARE to make a real life course, to legetimate their respective competences.

Finally, the desire to improve life expectancy in good health and living together.

Keywords : supply, user, complementarity, co-construction