Concepts for the 20th Congress of the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Estoril, Portugal

Prof Jorge LAINSa, Prof Alain DELARQUEb, Prof Xanthi MICHAILc

a 2 Centro de Reabilitação de Coimbra Lda., b Département de MPR, CHU de Marseille, c Technological educational Institute of Athens

We are pleased and honored to be the main responsible for the Organization of the 20th European Congress of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine.

The meeting will happen from 23 to 28 of April 2016 at Estoril Congress Center, in Estoril - Lisbon, and will be the first European Congress organized in accordance with the new ESPRM regulations.

The European and the Portuguese PRM Societies are working with the Organizing and the Scientific Committees to establish an outstanding scientific and educational congress, with the goal to facilitate the spread and exchange of knowledge between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees, aiming the development the ESPRM and PRM in Europe.

The European National Societies and the ESPRM Delegates and Committees are collaborating to find the best researchers, scientists, academicians to invite.

We also have the close collaboration of the European bodies, namely the UEMS-PRM Section and Board and the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Three European Schools for PRM trainees - Euro-Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School; European School Marseille; International Teaching Programme - will participate with sessions about themes paramount for the education of the PRM residents.

Aiming to open our relations with other European Societies, we will have dedicated sessions with EUGMS - European Union Geriatric Medicine Society - and EFIC - European Pain Federation. We are contacting other Medical Scientific Societies to participate.

The ECPRM 2016 will cover the themes: pathologies (ICD), body functions and activities, environmental and personal factors and quality of life (ICF), health interventions (ICHI) and PRM health accounts (ICHA) -

The participants will have the opportunity to share the latest knowledge and experience, to exchange ideas with worldwide experts and highly distinguished international speakers from different scientific areas related to PRM as well as to meet prominent scientists or find international partners for future academic and scientific co-operation.

The success of the European Congress will be dependent of the participation of all the European PRM colleagues with poster and free paper presentations.

We count on your active participation!