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Resumption to work after cerebrovascular accident in Cotonou

Dr Hountondji Etienne ALAGNIDEa, Dr Didier NIAMA NATTAa, Dr Mabèrou Germain HOUNGBEDJIa, Dr Herman AZANMASSOa, Mr Maurille BAMIGBOCHEa, Prof Godonou Toussaint KPADONOUa

a Service de Médecine Physique et Réadaptation/ CNHU-HKM (Cotonou)

Stroke affects more and more young and active population. For many survivors, the resumption to work is very complex [1]. The reduction in productivity which ensues from it because of the sequel is a brake for the development. Restoration of function and rehabilitation are very important to prevent or reduce these sequelae.

Objective. Study resumption to work after stroke in Cotonou and factors that influence it.

Method. Prospective and transversal study, realized from September 05th till December 03rd, 2012. It was about 114 subjects, victims of stroke at least 6 months before the period of study, having an employment before the cerebrovascular accident, not hospitalized during the period of study for stroke or other pathology affecting the prognosis for survival and having consented to participate to this study. The tests of chi-square, reduced gap and Kruskal-Wallis were used for the statistical analysis.

Results. Subjects are from 30 to 59 years old with an average of 49.4 years. They were for the greater part men (63,2 %). 53,5 % returned to a professional activity. This work was the same for half of them, without modification of the work station. Motivating factors of this resumption were boredom (54 %), fear of the dismissal (29.5 %), need of money (16.4 %). For those who did not resume work, the lack of strength was the main reason evoked. The initial profession, the number of children in charge, a depression, the risk of fall and the level of motor FIM influenced the resumption in a professional activity.

Discussion and Conclusion. Occupational reintegration of patients after stroke is complex and requires the collaboration of several participants such as physiotherapist, social worker, employer, company doctor, family, with the patient in the center.

[1] Roth EJ, Lovell L. Employment after stroke: report of a state of the science symposium. Top Stroke Rehabil. 2014;21 Suppl 1:S75-86.

Keywords : Return to work, stroke, Rehabilitation