Management of swallowing disorders after stroke.

Dr Jean-Pierre CRUDOa

a Centre Bouffard-Vercelli

Responsible of the Workshop : Dr Jean Pierre Crudo

General presentation:

• Anatomical pathophysiology of swallowing disorders after stroke.
• Clinical assessment of swallowing disorders:
- Swallowing evaluation
- Functional test of swallowing capability
• Para-clinical assessment: Video nasal endoscopy
Video fluoroscopy
• Detection of different dysfunctional elements.
• Therapeutic and multidisciplinary rehabilitation (for all health professionals involved: doctor, dietetitian, speech therapist, caregiver, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist… Psychologist).
• Results.
• Conclusion.

Learning Objective: The objective is to share experience to improve taking into modern and updated care of swallowing disorders.

Material: During the workshop, various assessment tools and support (clinical) will be used. Heavy additional examinations (Video Naso Fibroscopy Video Fluoroscopy) will be demonstrated by a video projection.

Method: Interactive workshop

Audience: All nursing staff involved in the management of stroke and swallowing disorders.

Level Workshop: Number of Participants 30

Language: French

Keywords : Swallowing disorders, stroke, clinical assessment and para clinical assessment, support, experience sharing