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Reference table of skills in patient education for chronic low back pain

Dr Isabelle TAVARESa

a CHU Montpellier

The patient education showed its interest in the management of low back pain. The reference table of skills is a list of objectives which the patient can acquire at the end of a patient educational program and the objective of which is to improve its quality of life with the chronic disease.

This reference table was built by a multidisciplinary team (doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, psychologist, dietitian, patient). It separates the objectives of the professionnal ones, the specific objectives of the patient. These objectives are the object of an evaluation during the follow-up. The skills to be acquired, according to every patient, within the framework of the chronic low back pain are distributed in 4 themes:

- The pain: describe and estimate the pain, know the medicinal and not medicinal treatments, know how to manage its pain
- The back pain: know and transpose the positions adapted to use the back in a successful way in the activities of the everyday life, become aware of preconceived ideas, check the vicious circle of the pain by the movement
- The lifestyle: set up physical activities, spot and implement what can be source of relief to relax and get fresh ideas, know the principles of a balanced diet and adapt it to its physical activity

- Live with: envisage an occupational reintegration, put words on its troubles and analyze its felt, find self-confidence and in its physical abilities

Keywords : patient education – chronic low back pain