Oral Communication

Training on screening for violence against women with disabilities

Dr Christian BELIOa, Dr Fanny SOUM-POUYALETa

a CHU Pellegrin - Bordeaux

The vulnerability implied by the existence of disability for women makes them more vulnerable to violence of potential attackers. If it is difficult to quantify the number of women with disabilities who are truly victims, however it is estimated that more than half of these women has been or will be a victim of violence one day. Care professionals are essential relays in the prevention as in the treatment of victims. Train them to in identify violence or risk situations to contribute to help to stem the phenomenon. Well trained, care professionals become resource persons able to inform patients of their rights, risk situations, and remedies in cases of abuse.

The occupational therapy training is a suitable time to inform and train students to be effective players in the fight against violence. We will present the organization and teaching materials from the work of the Interministerial Mission for the protection of women against violence and the fight against trafficking in human beings.

Keywords : disability, violence, women, prevention, training, information, occupational therapy