Bedside assessment of swallowing

Prof Eric VERINa

a Service de Physiologie, CHU Rouen

Head of the workshop: Pr Eric Verin

Aim of the workshop: to provide students data for use in diagnosis and treatment planning of swallow disorders.

Workshop Description:

- The preparatory exam with no actual swallows.

- The initial swallowing exam when actual swallowing is attempted

Materials: laryngeal mirror, metal spoon, straw,tongue blade, cup, glass of water, ice chips, paste like substance


- Locus of the patient's dysphagia, that is, whether it is oral or pharyngeal

- Oral reaction to placement of various tastes, temperatures, and textures in oral cavity

- Presence of any oral apraxia, abnormal oral reflexes such as tonic bite

- Laryngeal Function as it may affect airway protection and aspiration during the swallow

- Coughing status

- Decision on Best Posture: Selection of Optimum Swallowing Instructions (Posture or sequence of postures)

Audience: Interne

Level: Initiation

Maximum number of participants : 30

Prerequisite: Oral Anatomy and Function

Language : English

Condition: Participants must register.

Keywords : Clinical exam, Swallow, Dysphagia