Oral Communication

Retrospective analysis of spasticity management in Algeria: from spasmodic paraplegia to botulinum toxin.

Prof Ahmed AHRASa

a Etablissement Hospitalier Spécialisé Ben Aknoun Alger

From spasmodic paraplegia that I was taught more than 40 years ago without knowing neither the principles nor the organization; to the modern management of spasticity a lot of progress has been made.

In front of spasticity that we have to recognize, assess and solve: between useful spasticity that we must respect which allow a hemiplegic patient to walk, and disabling spasticity of the upper limb, we only had to our disposal oral antispastic treatment that compromised the fragile functional balance, alcoholisations with unpredictable results and surgery with uncertain and controverted results.

We report the problems we’ve been through in Algeria and the evolution of the different treatments all over the years till the introduction of the botulinum toxin injections, illustrated by a multicenter survey conducted in 2014.

Keywords : Spasticity