Oral Communication

Study of urinary disorders in a cohort of 94 adult patients with Cerebral Palsy

Dr Valérie LAMBERTa, Prof Xavier GAMEb, Prof Xavier DE BOISSEZONa, Dr Emilie BRALEY-BERTHOUMIEUXc, Dr Véronique BOURGa, Prof Philippe MARQUEa, Dr Evelyne CASTEL-LACANALa

a CHU Rangueil, service de MPR, b CHU Rangueil, département d'urologie, andrologie, transplantation d'organes, c CH Montauban, service de MPR

Objectives: Urinary disorders in adults patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP) are not well known. We decribed them from our cohort of adult CP patients followed in our unit of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Material and Methods: This a retrospective study from 94 patients, describing urinary symptoms, complications and urodynamic datas.

Results: 94 patients were included, 52 men (55%), mean age 33,5 +/- 12 years, mean motor level GMFCS 4, 35 (37%) living in institution. Fixty-six patients (60%) had urinary symptoms (17 storage symptoms, 8 voiding symptoms, 31 both storage and voiding symptoms) , and had a worse motor level than the asymptomatic patients (GMFCS 4 versus GMFC 3, p<0,001). 42 patients (45%) had one or several urinary complications : 20 (21%) urinary infection, 18 (19%) renal failure,17 (18%) ureteral or renal morphological damages. Urinary complications were diagnosed in 3 asymptomatic patients. 31 patients had urodynamic examination, in which Overactive Urethral sphincter was the most frequent abnormalitie found in 24 patients.

Discussion: the UD in CP patients are not rare, they can be responsible from complciations. They require systematic screening and appropriate treatment.

Keywords : cerebral palsy, urinary disorders, neurologic bladder