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External valuation of medico-social facilities : putting into a place a panel of indicators

Mr Frédéric ROSSBANDa, Mr Pascal BETTIa, Mrs Sylvie BONETTOa, Mr Emmanuel OBERTa, Dr Claudine DELMONa, Dr Michel ENJALBERTb

a USSAP, b Centre Bouffard-Vercelli

The decree of May 15th 2007 concerning the specification for the internal and external evaluation emphasizes the evaluation "of the conditions of the efficiency of the actions and of the regular updating of the organization" of the medico-social facilities.

Methods. One of the ways allowing to manage the medico-social facilities "at a distance" is to set up a cross tool in the form of a dynamic panel of indicators for the follow-up of process and results. By the light of the results of the internal and the external evaluation of the USSAP medico-social facilities, among 23, and of a litterature review, a multidisciplinary working group has attempted to define such a panel.

Results. A common documentary management has been set up for all the medico-social facilities. A panel with 5 themes, segmented into process and under-process has been built. 41 indicators (for the follow-up of process and results) have been defined just as a follow-up process. The instrument panel is in progress in all the medico-social facilities in 2014-2015.

Discussion. In light of these results, it appears relevant to promote common tools and methods of the national agencies about quality and evaluation, ANESM (medico-social facilities) and HAS (hospitals). The aim is to promote the convergence of quality management and information systems, in the respect of welcomed people and of specific trajectories (individual and collective responses in the context of personalized projects).

Bibliography : Decree of May 15th 2007 concerning the specification of the internal and external evaluation.

Keywords : internal and external evaluation, panel of indicators.