Total hip prosthesis and muslim prayer: What quality of life for patients?

Dr Essohouna TCHONDAa, Dr Ngor Side DIAGNEa, Dr Herman AZANMASSOa, Dr Mireille DIONEa, Dr Siham ZAHIa, Dr H. AHYAOUIa, Prof Fatima LMIDAMNIa, Prof Abdellatif ELFATIMIa, Prof M. RAFAIa

a Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Maroc

Introduction: Arthroplasty also interested youth. In osteoarthritis, the most frequent indication for total hip prosthesis (THP), Muslim prayer is often affected [1]. Arthroplasty allows restoration and improved quality of life (QOL) of patients.

Objectives: To determine the impact of THP on QOL of patients in Morocco.

Methods: Cross-sectional study, prospective, conducted in department of PMR in collaboration with the department of traumatology, University Hospital, Casablanca, Morocco. Patients with THP on hip desease were included. THP resumption were excluded. An evaluation was performed before surgery and 6 months after. It assessed the range of motion, pain, QOL, function by the WOMAC and Index of PMA.

Results: 79 patients were recruited. The mean age was 47.7 years with the sex ratio 0.61. 82% of patients were blue-collar against 18% of white-collar. The causes of hip disease were ankylosing spondylitis (25.3%), rheumatoid arthritis (19%), infection (7.6%), hip osteoarthritis (27.8%), aseptic osteonecrosis (6.3 %). The surgical approach was posterolateral. The introduction of the prosthesis has improved pain (p = 0.0004), the articular mobility (p <0.05), the articular function (p = 0.006) and the quality of life. Before the prosthesis, the prayer was impossible in 48.4%, difficult in 31.6% of cases. 11.4% of patients after total hip replacement could not perform the prayer.

Discussion-Conclusion: The hip arthroplasty allows improvement of joint function. It has improved QOL. QOL is strongly influenced by the normal resumption of prayer. The indication for THP in Morocco must consider the aspect of prayer.


1- Räsänen P, Paavolainen P, Sintonen H, et al. Effectiveness of hip or knee replacement surgery in terms of quality-adjusted life years and costs. Acta Orthop 2007;78:108.

Keywords : Total hip prosthesis, muslim prayer, quality of life