Oral Communication

Role-playing games in a program for low back pain patients

Dr Isabelle TAVARESa, Mrs Dalila FREIREa

a CHU Montpellier

Introduction: The programs of functionnal restoration imply a physical, psychological and behavioral reconditioning. The role play can be an interesting tool to allow the patients to question itself, to understand mechanisms involved, and to open other perspectives.

Observation: In our program, this method is used to explore various situations: the job satisfaction, the professional support, the family support and the echo of the disease on the circle of acquaintances. He allows the expression of not expressible feelings as they stand in real situation; to bring to the foreground the mechanisms of defense mobilized by the patient and to allow a certain distance with regard to the real-life experience. The patients play the situation according to the sketch of a scenario given beforehand according to problems highlighted during the first workshop. Thus they have the opportunity to find itself in a role different from the one who is usual them (role of the employer or the circle of acquaintances ..). The returns are extremely positive at the same time on the playful aspect but also the understanding of behavior, reactions and feelings. The progress of this workshops is made in a group.

Discussion: This type of exercise participates within the framework of a program of functionnal restoration and patient education , in the improvement of the self-efficacy and the management of professional or personal difficult situations. The mediation of the role play within the framework of a group of affable word also the possibility of widening the social roles in which the people can find themselves locked for a long time, what prevented them from moving forward to there, from envisaging new perspectives.

Keywords : Rôle playing games- Patient Education. Low Back Pain.