Direct cost of the common lombosciatique in a physical medicine and rehabilitation department

Dr Sana SALAHa, Dr Emna TOULGUIa, Dr Soumaya BOUDOKHANEa, Dr Houda MIGAOUa, Dr Anis JELLADa, Dr Zohra BEN SALAH FRIHa

a CHU Fattouma Bourguiba


The objective of this study is to evaluate the direct cost of the common lombosciatique ( LS) care in a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department.

It is a retrospective study (2012-2013) on 151 files of patients managed for common LS. We calculated the costs related to the rehabilitation sessions , consultations, additional tests and treatment (general and local) administered during the rehabilitative care. The costs are expressed in Tunisian Dinar (TND) and Euro (€).


The mean age of patients was 46.9 years. The LS was L5 in 55 % of cases , S1 in 32.5% of cases and poorly systematized in 12.5 % of cases. The LS was bilateral in 26.5 % of cases. The average number of therapy sessions was 13.8 with an average cost per patient (ACPP ) of 248.19 TND ( € 106.72 ) . The average number of visits was 3.15 with a ACPP of 31.52 TND ( € 13.55 ) . Biological complementary examinations ACPP was 1.85 TND ( € 0.79 ), that of radiological examinations was 47.98 TND ( € 20.63 ) . ACPP of the apparatus was 5.56 TND ( € 2.39 ) . Systemic treatment ACPP was 15.71 TND ( € 6.75 ) and that of local treatment was 3.12 TND ( € 1.34 ) . The total direct cost was 353.93 TND ( € 152.19 ) per patient.


The functional impact of the LS is important and its direct cost of rehabiltation care is not insignificant. The indirect cost in touch with the work stoppage would be even more interesting to calculate to be able to estimate the real economic consequences of this pathology.

Keywords : Cost, Lombosciatique, Rehabilitation