Oral Communication

The Test Kettle : validation of the French translation of the handover protocol by the "group Kettle Test"


a CHU Pellegrin - Bordeaux

Kettle Test (Hartman-Maeir et al, 2005) is a standardized and validated test to detect the presence and impact of cognitive impairment in performing a simple instrumental task of daily living. The "group Kettle Test", involving 14 occupational therapists in France and Switzerland, was formed to validate the French translation of the protocol according to the consensus translation method Geisinger (2003) and in connection with Adina Hartman-Maeir, OT israeli, principal designer of the test. The objective of this presentation is to present the Kettle Test and describe the translation process that resulted in the production of handover Protocol in French.

Keywords : standardized assessment, practical experience, cognitive disorders, Kettle Test, occupational therapy