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Influence of recovery time on strength during an isokinetic testing protocol of knee

Dr Pierre Louis BERNARDa, Dr Guillaume TALLONa, Prof Hubert BLAINb, Mr Francis DEGACHEc

a M2H Euromov. université Montpellier, b M2H Euromov. université Montpellier, Department of Internal Medecine and Geriatrics. Antonin Balmes Center. University, c Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL), Department of Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Introduction: Previous studies have demonstrated that a one minute between set rest period was sufficient for recovery. The aim of the present study was to compare the influence of different rest intervals.

Methods: two sets of five isokinetic contractions of flexor-extensor knee muscles in a cohort composed of 14 men (32.5 years ± 8) with three counter-balanced rest intervals of 30, 60 and 180 seconds were proposed.

Results: The comparison of the isokinetic values measured during the first set of each evaluation session showed no significant differences (0.55<p<0.80). The analysis of the time and rest interval interaction demonstrated a systematic lack of significant difference between the isokinetic measures obtained after the counter-balanced rest intervals for peak torque of the quadriceps and of the hamstrings and for the mean power of the quadriceps and the hamstrings.

Discussion and conclusion: These findings raise questions about a strict energetic approach which focused on the rest interval needed for the resynthesis of phosphocreatine substrates mobilized during a maximal effort. So, future research should analyze the interaction of force production and fatigue phenomena in relation to the rest interval.


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Keywords : recovery time, isokinetic, strength, knee.