Oral Communication

Should the hand replantation of a 63 years old patient be attempted ?

Dr Marie Noëlle THAURYa, Dr Simona AUDEMARa, Dr François STERa, Mr Mathieu IZQUIERDOa, Prof Michel CHAMMASb, Prof Bertrand COULETb, Dr Cyril LAZERGESb, Dr Julien ANDRINb, Dr Iskander DJERBIb

a Cliniques du Docteur Jean STER, b CHRU Lapeyronie

Introduction. Progress in microsurgical techniques the last forty years revealed a new population of patients: those with replanted hand.

Observation. We present the case of a 63 years old patient with a complete traumatic radio carpal amputation. His amputated hand was successfully replanted in emergency on December 8, 2014; we will detail the issues in post-operative rehabilitation treatment and the need to solve multiple problems. We will discuss about vascular question, risk of infection, skin appearance, bone, tendon, neurological, and psychological component, some objectives having to take in consideration different factors involved in the recovery.

Discussion. The replantation of a hand in a 63 years old patient requires specialized care, long and difficult labor with an uncertain future for reinnervation. On the other side, the myoelectric prosthesis allows to the patient a rapid return to social life.

Keywords : Replantation, amputation of the hand, post operative rehabilitation.