Problems related to hospital discharge of disabled people in Lebanon

Prof Khalil GHOUSSOUBa, Ms Rime EL HAGEa, Dr Ali MOUSTAPHAb, Ms Maya MOUSSAa, Dr Toni IBRAHIMa, Mr Wadih NASSOURa

a CHU Hotel Dieu de France, b Clinique Saint-Roch -France

INTRODUCTION: The aim of study is to compare a population of disabled people taken in charge by multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation in a rehabilitation center (RC) in France and Lebanon, looking for factors that may limit accessibility or medical care and the challenges of socio-professional reintegration.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Prospective, descriptive and comparative study, made on disabled hospitalized people in 2 RC (Lebanese and French). A grid includes demographics, disabling conditions, characteristics related to hospitalization and problems found at the exit and the socio-professional reintegration. Information is collected on Microsoft Excel 2007 and information processing performed on SPSS Version 18 software.

RESULTS: 30 patients, including 18 handicapped in Lebanon (L) and 12 in France (F). 60% female, mean age 70 years [36-92]. Main pathology: AVC 33.3%, 43.3% fractures ... Average Length of stay: F 169 days [SD = 272 days] against L: 39 [SD = 20 days]. (P value = 0.4). Social coverage rate: F 100% [SD = 0]; L 90% [SD = 7%]. (P value = 0.01) .The length of stay was limited by the paying agent for 8.3% in France 9.4%. Hospitalization shortened for budgetary reasons F 8.3%; L 33.3%. The discharge from hospital to home: F 75%; L 94.4%. Home medical care provided by nurses F 58.3%; L 22.2%. Rehabilitative care to continue: physiotherapy F 75%; L 66.7%, occupational and speech therapy F 16.7%; L 7,5% . 50% of patients in France were the main financial resource of the family before the handicap against 11.1%.

The majority of patients were retired. 25% had a job full time in France versus 11.1% in Lebanon.

CONCLUSION: disabling conditions are comparable in Lebanon and France, as well as hospital care. The discharge from the hospital is premature in Lebanon for budgetary reasons and socio-professional reintegration is more difficult and almost impossible.

Keywords : disability,hospital discharge, problems