Balance evaluation with stabilometric platform on hemiplegic patients in a neurological rehabilitation center


a Centre Bouffard-Vercelli, Cerbère

Objectives: To measure the evolution of postural parameters with a stabilometric platform in patient with hemiplegia after stroke and treated in a neurological rehabilitation center.

Methods: It is a retrospective, analytic and longitudinal study. Eighteen (18) patients with hemiplegia as consequences of a first stroke and who were beneficiary of SATEL® platform evaluation during the first three months after the stroke and with a second evaluation three months later, were selected from our establishment. We collected data of the center of gravity surface projection in patients with open eyes and close eyes. Romberg average coefficient was calculated afterward.

Results: Comparing the two evaluations, we found a reduction of the average surface, mostly in patients with close eyes. We also found that the surface was decreased in 14 patients with open eyes and in 16 patients with close eyes. Romberg average coefficient was decreased in the second evaluation. (2.7 vs 1.6)

Discussion: We found a surface decrease in the majority of patients and also an average surface decrease. However, only 1 patient recovered a normal surface.1 This decrease was more evident with close eyes. This could be explained by a preference of visual afferents in balance reactions on the early phases 2,3 of the recovery that would amend on the later phases, which is also revealed by the decrease in the average Romberg coefficient.


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Keywords : stabilometry, hemiplegia, stroke, balance