Rupture of the pectoralis major muscle; exceptionally traumatic pathology: about a case report and literature review

Dr Karima BELHAJa, Dr Aziza NAIT KHACHATa, Dr Soumia MEFTAHa, Prof Fatima LMIDMANIa, Prof Abdellatif EL FATIMIa

a Service de médecine physique et réadaptation- CHU IBN ROCHD

Introduction: The rupture of the pectoralis major muscle trauma is a rare condition. It occurs most often in the young athlete following a sharp contraction of pectoralis major muscle on arm extension-abduction. The diagnosis is confirmed by diagnostic tests including ultrasound and MRI. Support can range from medication to surgery, which when early works better if it is undertaken late, not to mention the interest of functional rehabilitation in all tables operated or non-operated.

Observation: Patient aged 30 years, right-handed, without special medical history, amateur sports (weightlifting). During a workout, while trying to lift the weight bench press position, it has a tear with a very intense pain in the arm and right shoulder followed by functional impairment total of the right arm.

The persistence of symptoms that did not yield to drug therapy, the patient was seen in 3 days after our structure, an ultrasound of the shoulder and pectoralis major objectified had a partial tear of the joint appearance musculo tendon of the pectoralis major muscle. An MRI was requested for diagnostic confirmation. The treatment was focused on the analgesic treatment with suited functional rehabilitation. The evolution was marked by the relief of pain and recovery of the function of the right arm

Discussion / conclusion: The rupture of the pectoralis major muscle remains exceptionally traumatic pathology. The diagnosis is often ignored in the acute phase, although the clinic is very telling. MRI is the diagnostic tool of choice. Early surgical repair in cases of complete rupture allows complete functional recovery.

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Keywords : muscle rupture-pectoralis major muscle-uncommon traumatism