Education program for post-stroke patients : the experience of PRM department in Fondation hospitalière Sainte-Marie

Dr Claire AYMARDa, Mrs Farida MEBAREKa, Dr David AGUILERAa

a Centre Paris Sud, Fondation hospitalière Sainte-Marie


Our department of physical and medicine rehabilitation was certified in May 2014 for the educational program “Improved life after a stroke”. It concerns primarily stroke patients before discharged.

The education program team is composed of a coordinator, a PMR specialist doctor, an occupational health therapist, a physical education therapist and a social worker.

Objective and methodology

Enabling patients acquire the knowledge and skills in order to improve the management of their condition.

The general program is organized in four workshops:1) Better understanding of my illness, 2) Medical treatment and healthy lifestyle, 3) Adapted physical activity, and 4) Social aid resources.

A workshop addresses a maximum of seven patients and one accompanying caregiver per patient.

Each of these workshops has its separates objectives,different organization, and dedicated tools.

The program commences by the educational assessment of the patient regarding his illness, an evaluation of his daily physical activity and completing the SF-36 quality of daily living questionnaire.

The workshops are held collectively and take into consideration the needs of the patients. They cover the necessary skills to be acquired in order to establish the activities required to be integrated in the everyday life of the patient.

A session of individual assessment is realized at the end of the four workshop cycle and again after three months.


Six such cycles have been realized since June 2014, including 32 patients and 23 accompanying caregivers.

The majority of patients ignore the nature of their stroke, the underlying mechanism, and the signs of recurrence.

More than half of the patients are not well versed with their treatments.

Thus this program deals with a real need of the patients and allows a more serene home return.

All of the patients concerned recommend this program as it brought them a better comprehension of their disease and of their lifestyle so as to limit the risk of recurrence and improve the quality of their lives after stroke.


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Keywords : education program, stroke patients, quality of life