Oral Communication

The conditions for home care of patients with Alzheimer's disease or related diseases (MAA): questionnaire to 140 caregivers.

Mr Pierre LOPESa, Dr Jean Michel CAIREa

a CHU Pellegrin - Bordeaux

Despite frequent impact of MAA on the activities of daily life, almost 2/3 of patients live at their own home (Gillum, 2010). The BVA investigation (2008-2010) points out that 54% of caregivers prefer to take care themselves for the coordination and organization of care and life of their loved one rather than entrust them to a professional. Yet, the latest DREES investigation (2011) shows that on the 1/3 seniors states say they do not get the help they need at home. P. Lopes1, conducted an investigation in the Gironde department in order to review the background characteristics of the MAA person and his/her entourage. The investigation, part of France Alzheimer Gironde, from over 140 caregivers, takes into account not only human standards, architectural but also equipment in place at home. The presentation focuses on the results and discussion around what want and what do not want the caregivers.

Keywords : Alzheimer's disease, caregivers, home, questionnaire, needs