Oral Communication

The diagnostic evaluation process of the disorder developmental coordination in children: parental questionnaires interest Developmental Coordination Questionnaire'07 - DCQ'07

Mrs Sylvie RAY-KAESERa

a Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse occidentale - Lausanne

European guidelines for the diagnosis of coordination acquisition disorder (Blank et al., 2009) recommend the use of a parental questionnaire as the first detection tool , such as DCQ'07 (Wilson et al., 2009). What is the advantage of this type of instrument in occupational therapy? What information does the DCQ'07 gives to the occupational therapist? What does it have in the evaluation process? What is its complementarity with standardized tests? These are the questions that will be addressed at the conference.

Keywords : coordination disorder acquisition, DCQ'07, occupational therapy