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Interest of the evaluation of spatiotemporal parameters of post stroke hemiplegic gait.


a CHU Tizi ouzou

Introduction: Most of patients with hemiplegia regain a gait unaided or with technical support. Some features as spasticity impair the gait patterns of hemiplegic patients. We used the walkway GAITrite® to analyse the disturbance in spatiotemporal parameters.

Methods: we studied the gait patterns of 30 adult patients with hemiparesia resulting from a recent cerebrovascular accident (less then 2years). 5 spatiotemporal parameters were studied.

Results: this study shows a diminution of walking velocity, step length, cadence, swing time, an increase of stance phase on the non-hemiplegic side and a perturbed FAP.

Discussion: the evaluation of spatiotemporal parameters of patient with spastic hemiparesia is useful to detect gait abnormalities and the involved spastic muscles and consider an adequate treatment.

Keywords : Spasticity, locomotion , gait analysis