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Validation of a new standardized version of the "400 points assessment".

Dr Cyrille BURRUSa, Mrs Colette GABLEb, Mrs Florence MOUREAUb, Dr François LUTHIa, Mrs Maria Do Rosario PEREIRA SIMOESc, Mrs Pascale LACOMBEd, Dr Olivier DERIAZe, Prof Jean PAYSANTb, Dr Michel KONZELMANNa

a Service de réadaptation de l’appareil locomoteur, Clinique romande de réadaptation Suvacare, 1950 Sion, Suisse, b Institut régional de médecin physique et de réadaptation, 54042 Nancy, France, c Hospital particular do Algarve-Gambelas, 8005-226 Faro, Portugal, d Centre médical Rocheplane, 38400 St-Martin d'Hères, France, e Institut de recherche en réadaptation, Clinique romande de réadaptation Suvacare, 1950 Sion, Suisse

Aim of the study. The « 400 points assessment» (400 PA) is used for 30 years to evaluate hand function assessing 4 dimensions: mobility, strength, monomanual grip and moving objects, bimanual function. We present results from a preliminary validation study of the new standardized version of the 400 PA.

Material and method. Multicentric international study, in a rehabilitation setting, with patients suffering of unilateral orthopaedic hand or wrist injury. Correlation (Pearson’s r) of the new version of 400 PA with QuickDASH and SF36 Physical Function (PF) for CCV (convergent content validity), and SF36 Mental Function (MF) for DCV (divergent content validity). Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) for intrarater and interrater reliability, and Cronbach’s alpha for internal consistency.

Results. 166 patients, with a mean pain of 3.4/10 on VAS were included (mean age of 44 years; women 31.9%). Correlation was found moderate with QuickDash: -0,423 [-0,540-0,289], low with SF36 FP: 0,293 [0,147-0,426] and there was no correlation with SF36 FM: 0,091 [-0,062-0,240]. Intrarater reliability (39 patients) was excellent (0,97) and interrater reliability (31 patients) was good (0,85). Internal consistency was high (0.85).

Discussion. This validation study found good to excellent clinimetric properties of the new standardized version of the « 400 points assessment» comparable to the original version. Our results confirm the clinical applicability of this instrument assessing hand function. Results will be refined after final inclusion of the last patients. Sensivity to change and construct validity with the Jebsen test will soon be available.


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Keywords : Hand; 400 points assessment; Functional evaluation; Validation; Reliability