Multi-disciplinarity and patient education in low back pain

Dr Isabelle TAVARESa, Mrs Catherine BATAILLEa, Mrs Valérie ISOARDa

a CHU Montpellier

Workshop Title: Multi-disciplinarity and Therapeutic Education in low back pain.

Responsible for the workshop: Dr. Isabelle Tavarès

Workshop Description:
- Overview: The patient suffering chronical low back pain, in the framework of the bio-psycho-social model, has to be cared in an Educational Therapeutic program in his entirety by a multi-disciplinary team with physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, psychologist, dietitian, doctor). This team is able to approach various aspects of the chronic disease.

-Educational objectives: To share experiences in Therapeutic Education of the low back pain patient.

- Necessary knowledge: low back pain
Material: Various tool for educational diagnosis, assessment but also for ergonomic education and behavior conditioning.
Method: interactive workshop
Public: everybody involved in the treatment of low back pain

Workshop Level: from beginner to seasoned professional
Maximum number of participants: 30
Language: French

Key words: low back pain, therapeutic education, multi-disciplinarity

Keywords : Interdisciplinarity- Patient Education- Chronic Low back pain