Assessment of the quality of life of lower-limb amputees with orthosis

Dr Mariem REKIKa, Dr Aymen HAJ SALAHa, Dr Mouna SGHIRa, Dr Imene KSIBIb, Dr Wafa SAIDa, Prof Wassiaa KESSOMTINIa

a CHU Taher Sfar Mahdia, b Hôpital Militaire Principal d'Instruction de Tunis

Objective. The aim of this work is to analyze the become and the quality of life (QOL) of implanted patients following a major lower extremity amputation.

Material and methods. We conducted a cross-sectional study including 17 patients fitted after major lower extremity amputation. We assessed their QOL using the "Nottingham health profile" NHP (with 6 items: mobility, emotional reactions, energy, social isolation, sleep, pain) and the analogue scale VAS of QOL graduated from 0 to 100 mm. In a second time, we studied the correlation between QOL and age, sex, comorbidity, level of amputation, and evolution.

Results. It was about 17 patients, including 12 men and 5 women with a mean age 53 years. 15 patients had a lot of comorbidities. The amputation had been operated from 3 to 32 months before evaluation. Amputation Level was transfemoral in 6 patients and transtibial in 11. EVA QOL was averaged 62/100. The average score of NHP was 46/100. Items mainly altered were mobility, pain then energy. Furthermore we found a correlation between decreased QOL, level of amputation and comorbidity. On the other side no effect of age, sex and evolution of the amputations were objectified on QOL.

Discussion and conclusion. QOL is a concept difficult to define and to assess in the amputee because of lack of specific scale. However, this concept becomes determinant in the care of amputees. Improving the quality of life for amputees and preserving it involves necessarily better mobility, maintained psychological state and indolence. This requires a close collaboration between different contributors to treat each patient.


Diana Zidarov et al. Quality of Life of Persons With Lower-Limb Amputation During Rehabilitation and at 3-Month Follow-Up . Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation April 2009, Pages 634-645

Keywords : lower-limb amputation,quality of life,orthosis