Oral Communication

Use of botulinum toxin in the groin pain

Dr Alexandre CREUZÉa, Dr Gilles REBOULb, Dr Paul GASSIEa, Dr Mathieu DE SEZEa

a CHU Bordeaux, b Clinique du sport Mérignac

Introduction: The adductor tendinopathy represents 10% of groin pain. Treatment is difficult. As has been done for other tendinopathy, it seemed reasonable to use muscle-relaxing effect of botulinum toxin in an attempt to relieve groin pain caused by adductor tendinopathy. Patients suffering from groin pain resistant to conventional conservative treatment were included in the feasibility study. Clinical examination and imaging should reveal adductor tendon injury. The injection was proposed under ultrasound and EMG stimulation. The rehabilitative treatment was continued. Patients were followed up at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months and one year. The results of the first 25 patients followed up at one month after injection will be shown. Scores were based on visual analogue scale, Blazina scale and HAGOS scale

Results: As for the pain level, the evolution between D0 and D30 showed a significant improvement. On D0 the average pain intensity was 57.1 ± 15.2 mm on D30 it was 20 ± 8.9mm on a numerical scale from 0 to 100mm. Discomfort in sports was assessed on average 72.9 ± 20.6mm on days 0 and 31.7 ± 29.2mm on D30. There was an improvement in all sub HAGOS score. The most significant increase was found in the sub score Participation in physical activity and function / physical / recreational activity. The score in the subgroup "Function, sports and leisure" was found on D0 an average of 37.2 ± 14.9 . This score improved on D30 to 64.7 ± 20.6; in the subgroup "Participation in physical activity," the initial average on D0 was 17 ± 21.4 and 42 ± 37.6 on D30.

Conclusion: Our first results are promising for the use of botulinum toxin in this indication. No side effects have been observed subsequent to injections. No recurrence was found in patients during the 6 months and one year follow-up.

Keywords : groin pain, botulinum toxin, sports medicine