Oral Communication

The violence and women with disabilities

Dr Fanny SOUM-POUYALETa, Dr Christian BELIOb

a CHU Pellegrin - Bordeaux, b CHU Pellegrin

More than half of women with disabilities would be victims of violence. Women with disabilities are subject to a double disqualification, linked to disability and to gender, inducing an increase in their vulnerability as regards of violence that may be perpetrated by family/friends, by third helpers, by caregivers or institution. It is important for occupational therapists, as for any health actor, to well know with these situations of violence and the mechanisms of appearance. This knowledge then allows healthcare professionals, which includes occupational therapists to use with perspicacity tools and the fight against violence. An exhaustive review of the literature available on the subject and some scientific works enable to underscore various origins, multiple modes of expression of violence against women, particularly women with disabilities.

Keywords : disability, women, gender, violence, tools, screening