Evaluation of the active upper limb function in hemiparesis: the Modified Frenchay Scale (MFS)

Dr Marjolaine BAUDEa, Dr Valentina MARDALEa, Ms Mouna GHEDIRAa, Prof Jean-Michel GRACIESa

a CHU Henri Mondor

Responsable de l’atelier : Dr Marjolaine BAUDE

Intervenants : Dr Marjolaine BAUDE, Dr Valentina MARDALE, Melle Mouna GHEDIRA, Pr Jean-Michel GRACIES

Description of the workshop :

- General presentation : Practical demonstration of an evaluation scale of upper-limb function in clinical practice

- Objectives : To demonstrate the value of a video-based functional evaluation of the paretic upper limb using everyday living tasks rated in clinical practice

- Requirement : Physiopathology of spastic paresis

Material : Tripod and video camera, table, chair, jar, big bottle, small bottle, glass, pen, paperpad and ruler, 3 clothes pins, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, knife and fork, broom

Methods :

- Presentation of the scale and of its grading system

- Presentation of the intra and inter-raters reliabilities of the scale

- Evaluation of a subject during the workshop

- Pitfalls to avoid in the passation of the scale

- Presentation and discussion of clinical cases

Audience : Residents, PM&R physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers

Workshop level : Initiation

Maximum number of participants : 50

Language : French

Keywords : spastic paresis; spasticity; functional assessment; reliability