Ultrasound guided Injections

Dr Serdar KOCERa

a Service de Rééducation fonctionnelle, Hôpital du Jura

Head of the workshop : Dr KOCER Serdar

Participants: Dr ZUFFEREY Pascal. Dr CREUZE Alexandre

Description of the workshop :
- General presentation : The WS is designed for physicians who wish to learn the technique of MSK injections under Ultrasound guidance
- Objectives: Discuss indications and limits of US guided injections, how to choose adequate material; to learn in plan and out plan injection techniques
- Prerequisite: Physicians involved in pain management, MSK disorders treatment

Material : Ultrasound machine with high frequency linear probe
Methods : Presentation of the technique , choice of materiel, setting of machine , optimization of image, indications, limits of the technique, demonstration and Hands on training of 1)in plan and out plan injections, 2) identify normal muscles, tendons, ligaments , nerves 3)visualisation of common sites of pathology
Audience : Residents

Workshop level : Initiation

Maximum number of participants : 25
Language : English

Keywords : ultrasound guidance, injections, musculoskeletal