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Adapted car driving in Bouffard-Vercelli Centre.

Dr Michel ENJALBERTa, Mrs Véronique BOURRAT-SALDUCCIa, Mr Olivier BOSCHa, Mr Guy ISRAËLa, Dr Charles FATTALa

a Centre Bouffard-Vercelli

Training or re-training of car driving is a key-stage of socio-professional rehabilitation of disabled people.

Method. The activity of adapted car driving began in the Bouffard-Vercelli Centre in 1988. The driving instructor was trained and the first vehicle acquired in 1992, the neuropsychological valuation introduced in 2000, the vehicle with joystick control in 2003, agreements signed with others rehabilitation centers of the administrative divisions (department and region) in 2013.

Results. 2028 people were valued between 1988 and 2014 (75 by year), with a starting period between 1988 and 1991, an increasing period between 1992 and 1999 and a steady period (100 by year) since 2000. The population includes 40 % of spinal cord injured people (decreasing proportion), 40 % of brain injured people (increasing proportion) and 20 % of others. The proportion of putting in order / new driving license is 2/1 (10 % of license to drive with joystick control).

Discussion. Adapted driving school of the Bouffard-Vercelli Centre is a model of integrated department, with an expert role, local, regional, even national (joystick control and neuropsychological evaluation) that has led today to the acknowledgement of the authorities as an authorized center for the driving license of handicapped people.

Keywords : adapted car driving