Low back pain in the workplace: prospective study at the university hospital oran - algeria

Prof Khaled LAYADIa, Dr Amal ABDERRAHIMa, Dr Souheir DJEBBARa, Dr Bakhta CHARANEa, Dr Chérifa HAMMOUDIa


Introduction: The physical constraints are present in the daily life. However, they are higher at work, where the employee has to adapt, than extra-professional life. The stress, the depression and the anxiety are often reactions to situations which the person suffering from lumbago is confronted to. It aggravates his situation.

Objectives: Themain objective of this work is to evaluate stress of the subjects suffering from lumbagos in their professional environment and to study the correlations with the social and professional status which may deteriorate the psychological and functional state.

Method: It is a prospective study about 133patients with lumbago in Oran hospital. The functional disability occasioned by the lumbago was estimated through the scale "EIFEL" and the stress by the "SIEGRIST". A standardized index card containing the social and professional data of the studied population. The statistical analysis was made on the software SPSS.

Results: The study evolved 133 patients, 54 women and 79 men, average age is 41 +/- 9.0. A significant relation between the severity of the fonctionnal disability caused by lumbago and stress was established. the last one is more important in women, nurses p<0.05 and depends on the chronicity of lumbago. The factors that aggravate the fonctional disability of lumbago are: handeling p<0.01, production line work p<0.01, nurses and eldery person p<0.05. A change in jobs is correlated with the chronicity of symptoms p<0.001.

The sick leave is effective in 20% the patients in the last 12 months. The patients, who had got reducational sessions suffered less than others p<0.05.

Discussion and conclusion: Low back pain in professional environment constitutes a major handicap. It interactes in a negative way with the social and professionall aspects. The stress appears as an aggravating factor or as reaction. The reeducation should be integrated into the processus care.

Keywords :   back pain, occupation, stress